Zorc challenges the best Frenchmen


This weekend GK Zorc is in France for the first time to attend HFLAN. He intends to take out some names, among them the two best French smashers.

HFLAN is the premier french major for Super Smash Bros Melee, and features 231 attendees from all around Europe. Alliance Armada is the best player in the world right now and is expected to take the victory. The fight will be fierce to challenge him from UK’s best Professor Pro, Spain’s best Trifasia, the reknowned Virginia Fox Liquid Chillindude and Ice Climber Chudat famous for his use of the wobbling technique.

Zorc has kept improving after he took a year off to improve in Smash 2015/16, and is recognized to rank somewhere between 20-30 in Europe. He’s most recent wins were when he went to California in january. There he beat Homemadewaffles at a local and Laundandus at Genesis 4. The latter is number 32 in the world according to SSBM rank 2016. Still he lacks wins against wins against the best Europeans in later times.

The two best French players are those Zorc is most eager to send out of their own tournament. Mahie because he’s a Marth player reknowned for being strong against Zorc’s character Falco. He also wishes to beat Baxon since he is recognized as one of the very best Falco players on the continent, and Zorc wants a say in that discussion.

After the summer Zorc, who studies informatics at the University in Oslo, will move to the world’s most stacked Smash region California for a semester. That means he doesn’t have many chances to show himself at a European major this years, and take the names he wants. After HFLAN there is only Dreamhack Summer which Zorc is confirmed for.

You can follow Zorc’s HFLAN journey on Twitch.tv/Geekygoonsquad and his twitter @Zorc85

You find all the info you need including brackets and schedule at HFLAN Melee edition

The Gatekeepers Smash player Gaute Berge "Zorc" has been dominating the Norwegian scene and now aims for upsets in the…

Posted by The Gatekeepers on Friday, April 14, 2017

Written and edited by: Marius «Askeflink» Stenberg

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