OW: The Gatekeepers open the gates for a new OW lineup!


Today we are proud to announce the arrival of a brand new OverWatch lineup to our family of dedicated gamers!

With the new season of the Norwegian national league Telenorligaen kicking off in just a few days and loads of OverWatch activity coming up this season, we have been hard at work to find a lineup with the same goals as us. We now feel confident that we have found such a lineup in this mix of Norwegian and Dutch talent. We are also really happy to announce that thanks to aNimus esport this new lineup will get to shine in the top division of the national league.

The new lineup:

Role: Second Support
Heroes: Mainly Ana and Zenyetta
Experience: Played in a 3rd division team in s2 more just to get team experience. Been tryouting for alot of 1 div teams.

Role: Main Support
Heroes: Mainly Lucio & Zenyetta
Experience: Played CoD4 Promod on a decent level with LAN experience, played in Overwatch teams since Closed Beta. Previously on team styx.gg
Role: Hitscan/Main DPS
Heroes: Mainly Pharah, Roadhog, McCree (very meta dependent, previously Roadhog main, in current meta back to dps)
Experience: Played in various mix teams in closed beta then created styx alongside nesty in open beta, and played there since. I also played 4 matches for Line in the 1. division spot last seaon, where we ended 2nd.
Timen ‘STK’ Dillema
Role: Projectile/Secondary DPS
Heroes: Genji, Hanzo, Soldier (in older metas also heroes like Mei and Junkrat)
Experience: Played CoD4 Promod on a decent level with LAN experience, played in Overwatch teams since release. Previously on team styx.gg
Heroes: Zarya, Dva,  but also plays DPS like Tracer (esp in current meta) and McCree, as well as tanks like Rein and Winston.
Experience: Played Dota2 on 5.6k mmr and CSGO on GE. Earlier OW experience with Ndurance and Bx3
Role: Main Tank
Heroes: Reinhardt, Winston, Zarya 
Experience: Played for Animus entire first season
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