CS: The Gatekeepers attending SpillEXPO


Coming up on the 10th of November, we have a spell surprise for all you fans! With SPILLEXPO 2016 Comic Con taking place, it only makes sense that such an event hosts the finals of the Telenorliga Norwegian League. So why is this relevant to you guys? Why is this relevant to us? Well representing TheGKGG at the event will be some of the best CS:GO players from Norway. with aNdz, KORN, PAINT, maak and mystic, we look forwards to the high level CS:GO that will be taking place at this awesome event!

Just a reminder though that this is no normal event! The finals of the event will in fact be broadcasted over at TV2 Sumo! so make sure you are checking it out from home, or with us over on the ground! We decided to ask one of the guys, what he thought about the upcoming event.


Anders “aNdz” Kjær:

“This was a perfect opportunity for us. It does not benefit us much to play as temp.no and this way we get to represent a new organisation and on top of that we get some awesome uniforms making sure we keep a professional look. We are really excited to play under The Gatekeepers banner at SpillEXPO and The Gatekeepers seem equally excited to have us.”


Make sure to be following us on Facebook, Twitter and www.TheGK.GG on the 10th November! Do not miss out on any of the high quality action taking place this upcoming week!

[Old frag movie of aNdz][Some of the guys vs old LGB]
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