The Gatekeepers with new ownership


Today we are proud to announce the official launch of The Gatekeepers. Recently we have been working with an Overwatch team, they were representing the brand but we decided to start building everything up to be prepared for today. So what is The Gatekeepers? As of today The Gatekeepers is a professional gaming organisation registered as a company in Norway. We have the goal of creating a high quality organisation to take in and train the talent of the Norwegian scene. Make sure to keep an eye out on our website and social medias as we provide high quality content on players, teams, events and much more!

So let’s take a brief look at the guys leading the force in The Gatekeepers:

 Kim-Erik “Zarotan” Aanes Martin “XaZuRY” Engan
CEO and Co-ownerHead of Marketing and Co-owner

Let’s look at what the two co-owners had to say:

 Kim-Erik “Zarotan” Aanes

“I’m really looking forward to getting started with a new and big project like this. Hopefully i can use my years of experience in esports on both a national and international level to bring The Gatekeepers into the ranks of top teams in Europe. I look forward to work with super talented and big players in the time to come while we work together as a team to build the brand.”


 Martin “XaZuRY” Engan

“Looking forward to working with The Gatekeepers branding, management and players. helping young potentials to reach the peak of their gameplay. And get in contact with sponsors and investors so that together we can make this awesome”


Thank you for tuning in to TheGKGG website, we look forwards to bringing you more awesome high quality content as mentioned before!

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