The Gatekeepers Heartstone players


Eirik “Diggen” Aarvig

 Is a Norwegian Hearthstone player who has managed to prove himself on multiple occasions. Diggen has managed to get his name on the radar several times in the world pro scene at events such as WESG, HCT, and The Deck Gauntlet

Christian “Devou” Westre Solvang

 The Norwegian national tournament Telenorligaen winner of fall 2016, 3rd place at the Deck Gauntlet and a well known player in the Norwegian Heartstone scene.

Damir “Explozive” Nesimi

The Norwegian national tournament Telenorligaen winner of spring 2016, and a solid intelligent player – hes one of the most known Norwegian Heartstone players as he loves to grind online tournaments and lately he has also started streaming.

Amanda “Barbie” Hansen

 An extremely solid Heartstone player that we will see in alot in the pro scene. and a player which is well known in Scandinavian events like Dreamhack, The Gathering and Digitaly X where shes admining Heartstone and StarCraft 2.

Aleks “Aleks” Kolstad

Has been showing some impressive results in online tournaments. Aleks is a smart player that likes to think about every move he does just like a chess player. He is often seen in the team chat talking about decks and potential plays so he will surely be going places in the game if he puts his mind to it.

Jon Magnus “Kjeks” Nielsen

Jon Magnus “Kjeks” Nielsen is a silent but deadly HearthStone player in the European scene. He is well known for his creative playstyle and making even the strangest decks work in his favor. He likes to keep a low profile, but he always steps up when needed by his team. Kjeks prefers playing ranked games to test decks and look for creative ways of beating his opponents

Stian “Matpakke” Paulsen

is the latest addition to our HearthStone family and is widely considered one of the strongest analysts in the European HearthStone scene. On top of winning several Norwegian tournaments he has also placed top 50 on the European ladder several times. According to his own teammates he is one of the strongest warrior players in the world.

Kim Erik “Zarotan” Aanes

 Is well known in the Norwegian eSport scene as creator of GamersLeague and The Gatekeepers, is also a solid Heartstone player.

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