CS: TheGatekeepers becomes finalists of Telenorligaen


We are so proud to bring this up, this weekened at the Telenorligaen finals, we saw our boys in red make it to the Grand Finals. Now unfortunately the boys did go home with a second place, however we are extremely happy about their performance and they put on a show worthy of the grand finals game of such a prestigous televised league.



So who represented us at Telenorligaen? Let’s check out the roster:

 TheGKGG “aNdz”
 TheGKGG “mystic”
 TheGKGG “maak”



Now we’ve seen the team, let’s take a look at the final standings from the event:

 Norse Gaming – 1st place – [NOK 50,000]
 The Gatekeepers – 2nd place – [NOK 30,000]
 Demise – 3rd/4th place – [NOK 10,000]
 BX3 Gaming – 3rd/4th place – [NOK 10,000]



We want to thank the guys one last time for representing The Gatekeepers at the event, we enjoyed meeting them and engaging with them!



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