HS: Devou takes the crown position in Telenorligaen


We are proud to announce that our very own TheGKGG Devou is the Telenorligaen Hearthstone Champion. Now, this isn’t an easy task, Devou has proven he is the best Hearthstone player in Norway by taking this victory home. So before we jump in to what he had to do to be able to accomplish this, let’s take a look at some of the notable players of the event:


So just what did,  TheGKGG Devou have to face to become the champion? Well let’s take a look at how each round went:

vs  Goatnukem – [Win 3 – 0]
vs  Drainz – [Win 3 – 2]
vs  TheGKGG KINGsplozive – [Win 3 – 2]
vs  Camel – [Win 3 – 0]
vs  BX3.Zorkthar – [Win 3 – 1]
vs  BX3.Kolbein – [Win 3 – 2]

As we can see, BX3 had a formidable run with Zorkthar and Kolbein finishing in both the semi finals and finals, this however shows that Devou didn’t luck his way through the event, he stayed consistent and came out on top, congratulations once again we are extremely proud of him!


Other notable players from Telenorligaen:

 TheGKGG Devou
 TheGKGG Barbie
 TheGKGG ExpLoZivE
 BX3 Zorkthar
 BX3 Kolbein
 Adv Rezel
 Adv Levexify

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