CSGO: Welcome a new addition to The Gatekeepers!


As we keep on building our brand towards new heights it is now time to announce our latest addition in form of a Counter-Strike GO lineup.

Some of the people here that enjoy following the CSGO scene might already have seen a lineup playing with #TheGKGG as tag. This is indeed the same lineup and now that everything has been formalized we are ready to announce it to the world.

We have been working for some time now testing players and making sure this was the lineup we wanted to represent the team in all events to come. Now that we have taken our time and worked out mutual goals for everyone we feel safe that we have a solid lineup that can help bring our new brand into the CSGO scene in a serious way.

Statement from Vladan “k1d” Blagojević:

“Today is a start of a new journey for us, we are thrilled to represent organization such as Gatekeepers, our team is full of young talents with potential and we are greatful to Gatekeepers for giving us support and the opportunity to show our potential.”

Statement from The Gatekeepers CEO Kim-Erik “Zarotan” Aanes:

“Signing this lineup is a new solid statement from us in the management that we are back in the scene for real and hopefully time will show that we are still on top of our game when it comes to spotting new talent. We are proud to have these 5 individuals represent our brand and partners in the time to come and everyone should stay on the lookout for great things to come”

Vladan “k1d” BlagojevićTwitter

Vladan “prvi” MartinovićTwitter

Matija “NyX” JovanovićTwitter

Ivan “patak” Popov

Nikola “hypn” Lajić

The team will be taking part in all qualifiers that they can get into and we are now in the works on setting a plan for live events for them to attend.

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