HS: Welcome ExpLoZive and Kjeks to the team!


When we announced that The Gatekeepers had officially launched and that we were formed, it made sense that we would be scouting the top Norwegian talent for our brand. Today we are proud to announce the official transfer of ExpLoZivE and Kjeks from Gamersleague.no

So let’s take a closer look at the guys:


Damir “Explozive” Nesimi

The Norwegian national tournament Telenorligaen winner of spring 2016, and a solid intelligent player – hes one of the most known Norwegian Heartstone players as he loves to grind online tournaments and lately he has also started streaming.

1st place Telenorligaen

3rd place at Digitality X




Fun fact: He struggles with fitting his arms in our uniforms


Jon Magnus “Kjeks” Nielsen

Jon Magnus “Kjeks” Nielsen is a silent but deadly HearthStone player in the European scene. He is well known for his creative playstyle and making even the strangest decks work in his favor. He likes to keep a low profile, but he always steps up when needed by his team. Kjeks prefers playing ranked games to test decks and look for creative ways of beating his opponents. He enjoys ending his seasons as top 100 on both NA and EU ladders!

Get to know the team!

Would you like to ask our guys some questions?

Head over to our twitter www.twitter.com/TheGKGG and ask us some questions, after a while we’ll collect the questions and do a Q&A session with the guys!

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