HS: Welcome Diggen and Devou


When we announced that The Gatekeepers had officially launched and that we were formed, it made sense that we would be scouting the top Norwegian talent for our brand. Today we are proud to announce the official transfer of Devou and Diggen from Gamersleague.no

So let’s take a closer look at the guys!

 So who is Diggen?

Eirik Aarvig also known as Diggen, is a Norwegian Hearthstone player who has managed to prove himself on multiple occasions. Diggen has managed to get his name on the radar several times with a few results, such as:


WESG European Norway Qualifier – 1st Place
HCT European Winter Prelims – 1st – 4th Place
HCT European Championship – 5th – 6th


Each of the above are remarkable achievements for the Norwegian player, snagging himself $5,000 at the HCT European Championships. Now to some, these results may not look like a top dog, but Diggen proved himself against top players at each event.



So who is Devou?

Christian Westre Solvang also known as Devou, is the second player making the transition from Gamersleague.no to The Gatekeepers. With the transition of the two Norwegian players, we are extremely happy to be pushing our Hearthstone department forwards. 



Get to know the team!

Would you like to ask our guys some questions?

Head over to our twitter www.twitter.com/TheGKGG and ask us some questions, after a while we’ll collect the questions and do a Q&A session with the guys!

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